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We run about twenty high traffic news, magazine and travel businesses. Since 2005, we have been writing news for Google News accredited news outlets and providing media coverage for all sorts of businesses and their products and services. In addition, as journalists we have a vast range of high level media accreditation passes around the World. Our team was often asked to provide reporting services for business operators to the same level we have for Google News. That is why we opened Content Marketing Writers

Our side business has grown into a large operation providing writing services for sponsored posts, website pages, native advertising, brochures and SEO content for many businesses around the World. Through Content Marketing Writers, the journalists and senior writers who report on business niche topics can be retasked to assist start ups, small businesses and large corporations with their communication needs.

Content Marketing Writers provides a global public relations consultancy. We are unique in that business people can contact us to devise a publicity plan and actually see their reports online on the same day. We can do that because of our extensive contacts and our own suite of websites that are well regarded by Google's algorithms. Get in touch to discuss how we can assist to make your business grow.

Greg Rogers, founder/ceo

About CMW - Content Marketing Writers - ContentMarketingWriters.com

We can create entertaining and informative content for small, medium and large businesses to connect brand partners to highly engaged audiences.

We assist businesses to gain online, press and social media coverage.

Our services include, SEO content writing, website page content, business news articles, public relations and social media marketing.

We are a content writers agency as well. We work with writers and we work with business people who need the services of really intelligent, qualified and motivated language experts.

We do not write novels and fiction but we are all very good at creating marketing materials from web pages, brochures, social media posts to many thousand word business documents. Our content is on thousands of pages of websites and is regularly featured in Google searches for a wide variety of business niche subjects.

Our customers like us too. A high profile real estate agent for whom we provide organic search engine marketing and SEO content, said "Well I can only say this. THIS IS THE BEST BLOODY ARTICLE YOU HAVE EVER WRITTEN!  Your are a bloody genius and a bloody legend !!!!! "

Get in touch with us to boost your market exposure.

We have the people in place around the World due to our extensive news and media businesses including Businesses.com.au, NewsPronto.com and DailyBulletin.com.au

At CMW we assist businesses in North America, U.K., Europe, Asia Pacific and with a little notice, in most English speaking countries.

If you need professional input so as to stay current, contact us for your startup, SME, franchise or corporate giant. Hook into our extensive network of trusted friends and colleagues in the media and marketing industries.

We strive to get each project completed same day and we often achieve that on the first draft. Here is what one client had to say.

"Looks awesome! And very fast as well, will send this first for approval but as far as I know this is good to go."

Another said, "Article is perfect as always."

Some of our website content services

Duplicate content re-writing
Original content development
Product (SKU) description writing
Product research for content writing
Proof reading and content optimization
SEO enhanced copywriting
Landing page content development
Blog writing
Email newsletter content writing
Press release content development


Keyword density analysis
SEO trained copywriters
Quality review team ensures content is error free
Quick turnaround time
Affordable rates
Staff allocated to urgent jobs

Content Marketing Writers
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