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Back in the day, newspaper publishers used to control what the public knew about. They were editors in the correction of copy sense and in the decision making about what people were able to read sense. Today, social media, news sites and countless blogs convey information freely each day to a global market.

The problem with that is that there is too much information for any person or business to absorb. More video is loaded to YouTube each day than anyone could view in decades. Therefore, the public ( consumers ) are selective about what they read, view or hear. Media professionals know how to create content that Google will deliver to people in preference to ordinary "cookie cutter" content.

Content is King in the marketing World because only the best content will be read, absorbed and acted upon. The old newspaper editors used to make money from banner ads run beside local, national or international news. Today, banner ads are largely ignored as people have trained their brains to ignore them as they scan a webpage. It is content that they came for, not ads.

From now on, people who are serious about marketing will have to place their marketing message inside the content that people want to read. An example would be a make up manufacturer would seek to have a mention of their product in a feature or news story about Kim Kardashian. Most articles about the Kardashian family get read millions of times, so a sentence saying that she bought Acme Makeup today with a link to the Acme Makeup website is a valuable marketing aid.

At Content Marketing Writers we know the industry as our core team are working journalists.

We are good at content creation.

Our writers know where to place marketing message in the articles and blog posts that we write. We engage and convert passive readers into buyers.

Content strategy

Like real estate, value can be found in position. A property is only as good as its location and design. Our blueprint for success for our clients amounts to placing well designed content in exceptionally high traffic locations. A well thought out strategy and quality content will drive profit outcomes.

Content marketing platform

We put writers and advertisers together through our news and media outlets. These in house websites deliver content every day. Through detailed statistics gathering we can pass on all the information needed to track and improve content production. In-depth analysis monitors, tracks and proves ROI for our clients..

Native advertising

Our team knows where to place marketing messages. Not in a sneaky way but upfront to the readers. A customer might want to promote a medicine that assists with pain relief. We would write an article about a painful condition and place a reference to our client's products in the valuable well researched information forming the body of the text. Similarly, a beauty related article could feature comments by a cosmetic dentist about braces for teenagers. If you work with us we will place your content in front of your ideal customers through native and sponsored placements driven globally by social media posts and shares.

Social media

Who knows where social media will takes us. It already is a key component of our lives. Facebook is for friends and Twitter is for communication. Instagram is for sharing life's special moments. If you count YouTube as social media, the opportunities to post marketing messages in video are endless. All of these services can be used for marketing purposes. We use social media to reach a specific audience for our clients. Our younger team members are the best at that. Social is not an option for marketing these days. We can integrate social buzz into all our campaigns.

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