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How to promote a new business website

Are you opening a new business and need to get a lot of website traffic?

Google might take a while to find your new website or wait a while to see how it works out before making it appear in search results. You have to earn a place in Google search with unique relevant content that reflects what your business is about.

On the other hand an existing website might not be generating traffic because the algorithms that Google uses determined that there was something wrong or that there were not enough aspects of it that met its criteria.

"We can help with fixing or promoting an existing business website."

We can also help with making a new website or a new business appear faster than would normally happen without us.

Our I.T. professionals can assist with web design, website keyword and description meta tags and promote it throughout online and social media channels to showcase the business.

The first step is to create high quality content about the business or its products or services.

That content, assuming there is already great content on the site, does not go on the new website. It will go on existing high traffic high ranking sites with links to or references to the new site. In that way, we can draw attention to the business using visitors viewing other sites.

References to another site on a high ranking site not only draw traffic: they inform Google that the new site exists as well as passing on a kind of testimonial or vote for the new site. Votes like that are not easy to get as the existing site has to be sure that the new site is legit and worth visiting. At Content Marketing Writers we have our own high quality sites where we place content for our clients.

Organic SEO from links and references on existing sites is permanent and valuable. It is much more effective than paid search placement where site owners pay a lot of money for clicks that might not even bring a paying customer.

Contact us to discuss how to fix a site that is not working or to promote a new site. We can even build and run a new one for you.

Email or 1300 205 504

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