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We offer short term SEO search campaigns and 12 month SEO strategies. Our content tactics are designed to achieve the goals of small business operators. They need to be found by their target market and have a strong placement in Google searches. Our entire team of SEO professionals and content writers combine to deliver client outcomes. Quite often an entire site will be the main focus but on occasions, a specific site landing page will be promoted. This could be a special offer, an upcoming event, a store opening or new products or services. We are highly flexible and deliver programs that are tailored to specific needs such as search engine placement, reputation repair, elimination of adverse or malicious posts or social buzz combined with brand awareness for startups.

What is it that makes our work succeed?

We know what we are doing and we have the best media, business, SEO industry and publisher connections.  We produce high quality work and first class partners. We are fast. No waiting for months for attention with us. Some of the basics are:

1.   Our people. We are a group of professionals in writing, website and news media. We are passionate about what we do because many of our clients become friends and we are obliged to get result. We offer strategies and tactics and when approved, we create high quality work.

2.  We communicate. The client knows what they need. We do not impose our ideas on business operators. Each job starts with a free discussion on the objectives, goals, expectations and desired outcomes. From that standard start, we offer solutions in an easy to understand SEO - Brand awareness concept plan. 

3.  Best strategies. Our clients set their mission objectives. We assist by offering proven, ready to go, sound, affordable and viable plans touching on how the objective can be achieved. Our clients choose from the range of plans that we propose to them and we take forward to implementation. It is a little like a military mission. The unit boss sets the outcomes that must be achieved and lets his officers plan the mission. With us, we start, look at results and adapt where necessary, at no additional cost, until objectives are met.

4.  Innovation: The Internet evolves constantly at a breathtaking pace. Good SEO and brand marketers need to keep up with what can be achieved with new technology. Methodologies have to adapt too as all businesses have competitors and many have high quality SEO and business marketing agencies working for them. It is important to be in the race. Fall behind and market share may decline. Work with us to gain an insight into what competitors are doing and how to modify your online presence to be the leader in your field in terms of search results.

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Content Marketing Writers is a collective of talented people who work together on international, national and very local business marketing campaigns. We enjoy what we are doing and take ownership of our commitments so that clients get what they pay for with a minimum of interruption to their day jobs.

Our suite of services includes:


We are good at getting strong online placement using proven, long-term tactics to boost organic search rankings.

Pay Per Click

Using Adsense & Adwords, we drive traffic and conversions with targeted placements and carefully selected keyword bids.

Programmatic Advertising

It is about placing your brand, services and products before the people most likely to be interested.

Content Marketing

High class content creation and placement is the key to this fundamental business boosting service. Build awareness and grow!

Digital Analytics

It is not start and hope for the best as we measure, evaluate and report on result data to provide valuable insights.

Digital Strategy

This requires a whole of team professional planning input as there are many fields of expertise needed for the right fit for your business.

Content Writing

Google rewards writing with new relevant information if it is grammatically correct and engaging for searchers.

Design For Marketing

The internet allows marketing material to include graphics, video, info graphics and text. We create beautiful online brand appeal.

Talk to us:

We love digital marketing and using the power of social media to boost business success of our clients. Talk to us about the factors that you think need improving in your online, service or bricks and mortar business. Pick up the phone or send us an email to get started. There is no obligation to buy anything. Find out more about what our team can do for your business!

Do you have a question? One of our team will get back to you ASAP!

1300 205 504

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