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There are many social networks to choose from and people have their favorites. Usually they join the social networks that they know their family and friends have chosen.

Facebookis one very well-known and popular social network. People enjoy it because it is easy to find long-lost friends, contact with family, join groups with like-minded people and have a great time sharing news, recipes, and photos. Presently it is the top social network on the web. There are around 2 billion active users monthly and over 1 billion users log on each day People enjoy contacting each other through the Facebook messenger which has many great features including sending photos to your friends. In 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp for easy instant messaging from smartphones.

People also enjoying sharing many different things including recipes from favorite dishes like garlic butter shrimp.

Another large and popular social network is Twitter. It is a large community and very easy to use. You can share links to your favorite sites or links to news stories that interest you. It is a fun micro blogging system that lets you share up to 280 character messages known as tweets. You can also share photos and share links to your blogs. You can find people with interests the same as yours. I discovered an interesting cooking blog that had a great recipe for tartar sauce. You can even follow celebrities which a lot of people enjoy doing.

Joining the social network is Instagramthrough which you can share photos of just about anything through your smart phones. They also have blogs of professional trainers that share useful information like low carb shrimp recipes. This is the social network where you can look into the lives of others.

It has grown to become one of the most popular social networks for sharing photos over the mobile web. People share real-time photos just snapped with their smartphones or short videos while they’re on the go. Instagram has also become a leading advertising platform for brands as well as for Instagram influencers who use this social network to generate income. You can share your photos and videos through the iOS platform, Android and Windows phones. In 2012 Instagram was purchased by Facebook.

Pinterestis another social network that has generated a great following. It is very entertaining and is a place to discover new ideas. All of the photos shared and posts are divided up in Pinterest boards about various themes. It has grown and expanded in popularity so that now it is also becoming an influencer of social shopping and features ‘Buy’ buttons right on the pins of products that are being sold by some retailers. Truly a fascinating and interesting social place to be where you can find many interesting photos and links about many different topics. Take a look at Tumblerwhich has a large variety of content and focuses on writing and reading micro blogs. It has a large user base so you can share your blog links and find like-minded followers. It has become the popular place for teens and young adults. Just like Pinterest it is known for sharing visual content the most. Users on Tumbler can customize their blog theme, create blog posts with different kinds of content formats. You can see other users’ dashboards and if you like their content you can follow them and be followed back. One popular way to interact here is by reblogging and liking posts.

If you like using a social networking app on your smart phone give SnapChat a try. This is an easy to use platform that has millions of users. They thrive on instant messaging and is completely mobile based. No matter where you are or what you’re doing you can easily send a photo or short video like a message to a friend which will automatically disappear in a few seconds after your friend as viewed it. It is a favorite with kids who like to share things only with their friends and have lots of fun doing it. There is also a feature known as Stories through which you can share your snaps with the public if you like.

YouTube will provide you with hours of enjoyable entertainment and you can interact with communities of followers as well as find other that have common interests with you. This is the place to share your videos and after Google is the second largest search engine. It is also known as a separate social network even though its owned by Google. This is the place to come to find music videos, movies, personal vlogs, and even how to do things videos that will teach you to do stuff like gardening or fixing problems with your computer among others. There is even a YouTubeTV live streaming subscription service. In other words everything that you could imagine you would like for entertainment can be found here. If you have personal videos you would like to share this is the place to share them.

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