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What Are The Best Ways To Select The Right Social Media Marketing Tool

The social media marketing tool that you select should be effectively hitting your marketing goals and help your content planning efforts. It should help you drive engagement and traffic, and also help you evaluate your performance.

As there are several different social media tools present on the market, it is not easy to find the right tool for your business. This article presents you with the right way to select the best social media marketing tool.

Get clarity on your goals and priorities

In place of beginning with research, it is best to understand your expectations from the tool. Starting with research can overwhelm you with a number of choices to select from. It would be helpful to start off by gaining clarity of your goals and priorities first.

Now reflect on the requirements of your team and the things that are important to you and your business. This analysis will help you arrive at a criterion to measure options once you start researching, evaluating and comparing features.

Questions to state your social media objectives

Different social media software excels at specific things. If you are unsure of what your objectives are and what you wish to accomplish, then it can get quite challenging to search the right software for the task. Below are mentioned a few questions that would definitely help you understand your business goals and the type of social media tool you would need for your business.

  • What are you seeking to accomplish with social media marketing strategies?

  • What are the business objectives?

  • Do you wish to enhance brand awareness?

  • Do you wish to drive traffic to website or generate leads, or drive business sales directly from the content?

  • What outcome do you hope to get from your effort and time that you spend on performing social media strategy?

Find the trigger that led you
look for a new tool

You need to find out those things that did not get you a great experience with the existing workflow or tool. Think about all those things that inspired you to begin looking at other alternatives. Find out how was your experience? Was there anything that left you frustrated?

This identification of the core issues that led you to begin looking for new tools will help you find the right tool. It will help in addressing issues and enable you to perform things that you were not able to do earlier.

Things to consider when evaluating any social media tool

  • User experience

  • Analytics and reporting abilities

  • Does it have team collaboration tools

  • How efficient customer support it offers?

  • Does the company provide hands on training to employees?

  • How secure it is

  • Do you require integrating your tool with other social media products?

  • What is its price?

We’ve found one that ticks all the boxes above. ContentCal is an effective social media marketing visual calendar that helps you to manage multiple social media accounts of your business at one centralized location. There also not on the pricey side either!


Hope these ideas and questionnaire has helped you form an informed decision to find the best tool for your business.


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